Sketch by Hicham Habchi, practice hard for yourself.

Sketch character design

Hicham Habchi
Sr Concept artist, Comic Artist, Illustrator
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Hicham Habchi is a Concept artist and Comic Artist, currently based in Dubai – UAE.
He immerses himself in anything that relates to comics and video games, especially the concept development side of them.
His artworks touch any kind of works related to arts and creativity and reflect lot of references to comics, advertisings, videos games and urban life.

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Sketching from imagination, Recommend sketch books for you


Sketching from the Imagination: Characters


All great character concepts have a beginning, and an artist’s sketchbook is often where their inception can be found.

In Sketching from the Imagination: Characters, fifty exceptional traditional and digital artists have been chosen to share their sketches. Ranging from the creations of veteran artists with years of experience to those of brilliant students and new artistic talent, this book showcases character art with an incredible range of styles, techniques, and inspirations. Featuring personal reflections and creative insights from each artist, and hundreds of lavishly presented images, Sketching from the Imagination: Characters is a perfect book for any lover of sketching or character design, whatever the genre or medium. Continue reading “Sketching from imagination, Recommend sketch books for you”

The sketches drawing by Dmitriy Yadrov


Dmitriy Yadrov is an illustrator / concept artist / 2D animator based in Haifa, Israel. He graduated from Bezalel Academy of arts & design in 2015.
After graduation He worked in the game industry as a lead graphic designer. Now as freelance artist he is focusing on character design, caricature, concept art, and animation story-boarding. his style develop from History, Buddhism, Cinema, and combat sports training. Love the Samurai culture and villain characters, Enjoy his art. Continue reading “The sketches drawing by Dmitriy Yadrov”

Mark Summers sketchbook, show us the wonderful world of sketch


Mark Summers began circulating his portfolio of portraits soon after graduation, to scratchboard by the revered political cartoonist Duncan Macpherson . His big break came with a portrait of Douglas McArthur from the New York Times Book Review, and he hasn’t stopped working since. Mark’s engravings in scratchboard have garnered numerous awards, exhibits, and a continually expanding client list that still includes regular features in the Book Review.

Hope you enjoy it!

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